KSA Lapse Platform


Inventive Credential User Name and Password

When you select KSA Lapse you select smart, reliable, highly secure and flexible user profile management

State-of-the-art user profile management with dedicated project and asset management
Fast user adding, deletion within the project lifecycle
Advanced user log & credentials flow management
Admin users Enables you to manage and create user

Platform Project(s) Access

Landing Page

Based on its granted right by its organization and/or the project management, the user will have access to one to “n” project hence "n" assets

Construction camera Saudi Arabia

Project(s) Location(s)

Map integration of GPS data showing camera location. All the projects' location from the master project are displayed on the map.

KSA Lapse Map

Project(s) Asset(s)

By asset(s) we mean the number of deployed time lapse(s) on the project

KSA Lapse Map

View Functions

Single View – picture navigation

The available rushes display their date and capture time. The Single view display by default the available rushes from the last date when the pictures were taken. Another way to navigate through the available rushes using the calendar.

Zoom view function

Pick any available picture and click on. The Zoom view function enables you to spot more details and feed your comments (feedback)

KSA Lapse

Spot Zoom view function

acts like a magnifying glass on the location you have chosen.


Compare functions

Side by Side

  • Offers you a twin display of picture from the same
  • First level of comparison, very good to analyze the progress on the chosen period.
KSA Lapse

Slide Compare

  • Very smart way for your construction progress analysis helps
  • you to analyze your site progress in a dynamic way.

Spot Compare

  • Helps you to analyze your site progress.
  • Very smart way for your construction progress analysis
  • Displays the details from the past wherever you mouse over the picture

Video Functions

Custom Videos

From the function, you map your period of time with both and calendar then press the button.


Other Functions


  • For example, you want the tagged picture to support future claims, #, #claim, etc.…
  • The picture is immediately #tagged for claim purpose
  • A tag is very useful to find topic-related rushes when you use the option
KSA Lapse KSA Lapse


  • Select your picture
  • Select your printer
  • Execute
KSA Lapse